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derazzed sent: Tales of the Abyss

★ - top 3 characters: Luke - I used to hate long-haired Luke with a passion, even during my second and third playthroughs of the game. Playing it now, however, I can certainly understand his predicament: he’s really only seven years old and he’s forced to grow up at the pace of a speeding comet. I admire him because even though he largely has the mentality of a seven-year-old, he still has the strength and willpower to keep living and change himself after Akzeriuth. I’d have never been able to do that if I were him, and I can respect both his long-haired and short-haired incarnations.

Jade - I will keep this section short because I am prone to gushing if I’m not careful. He’s a sarcastic bastard and he makes me laugh. I like how at any point in the game he could have turned around and been a villain, but he never did. I like how, in terms of his invention of fomicry, he is the cause of a good portion of the game’s conflict, yet he handles it with a minimum of on-screen angst. I like how, over time, he grows attached to Luke and the rest of the party. When the party chews Luke out after Akzeriuth (a scene that makes me cringe), I forgive Jade the fastest because I see his reaction as a knee-jerk sort of thing: he sees his past self in Luke and he can’t stand it.

Natalia - I will say that there are times when she grates upon my nerves (see: every time she spots Asch), but I do admire her. A lot of it comes from her strength as a character and her willingness to go out of the way to help people, even if they aren’t subjects of her kingdom. She also reminds me of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (one of my favorite princesses), so that’s a plus. XD
☆ - favourite minor character: General Cecille. I really like her character design, and although I have only completed the Frings/Cecille sidquests once, I do feel for her when Frings dies.

Related to Cecille, I also rather like the woman in the Baticul port who has a crush on her. I thought that was rather cute.
♥ - top 3 ships: Luke/Tear - I know it is the pairing that is shoved down our throats from the start, but I love it anyway. However, I keep toeing the line between “it works just fine as a romantic pairing” and “I think it’s best as a brotp.” Perhaps it works as both; I don’t know.

Anise/Ion: These two are so adorable. ;_; That’s all I have to say; my thoughts are rather shallow when it comes to this ship.

Nephry/Peony: I feel really bad for these two and I hope Rory writes her post-ending fanfiction because that sounded really interesting there could be some way for the two to marry after the end of the game. Who knows, perhaps they had already gotten together by the time Mr. Mystery came waltzing into Tattaroo Valley.
❥ - favourite crackship: Dist/Tear; Mohs drew a picture of the two after using the shipping generator and it just looks aesthetically pleasing. xD
♕ - favourite episode/sidquest: I really like episode twelve of the anime. Not only do we get to see little Saphir (<3), but it’s Jade that explains his past instead of Nephry. As much as I want Nephry to have screen time, I really like that aspect of the episode because it seems like he’s taking even more responsibility for his actions than in the game.

Game-wise, I love the “find the Emporor’s Rappigs” sidquest. If hadn’t loved Peony before then, I certainly loved him afterward. XD
✎ - favourite quote: “…I wish I could go back in time and kill myself as a newborn… I keep coming up with such troublesome things.” -Jade
While it’s one of his more… angst-riddled lines, I really like it. It certainly goes far to show how comfortable Jade is with the rest of the party at that point. 
❄ - favourite AU idea: 
✗ - unpopular/offensive opinion: I really, really dislike ending theories in which it’s Asch that comes back and not Luke. I don’t think it’s wrong; I just don’t like it. I like the theory that it’s mainly Luke that came back with Asch’s memories/consciousness bumping around in his head the best, really.

In my mind, he had his chance to accept his replica and accept the fact that his family and ex-fiance would be willing to accept him, and he turned it down. I understand why; years and years of thinking that you can be so easily replaced and that nobody really needed you in the first place is bound to make a person bitter beyond all repair.

The fact still stands, however, that he just could not move on, and that is what killed him in the end. I do not think he is a bad person or terrible character for not moving on. It’s what makes his whole situation so tragic, and it’s what helps me like his character despite the frustration I feel whenever he comes on-screen. Years and years of his family’s betrayal weighed down on him, and it killed him.

That is the difference between him and Luke; Luke was able to accept the fact that he had stolen the lives of countless people and still live and work to atone for his mistakes, and that is why I think Luke comes back in the end.

I would like to say that while I dislike the “it was Asch in the end” theories, I do not think it’s a bad thing for other people to like it! I also don’t think it’s wrong at all. The ending was left-open ended, and my interpretation is just one of many. If you are a person that likes that theory and feel that I have gone astray in my thinking, I am completely open to hearing your opinion on the matter. ^_^ 

nephry: Luke was just seventeen/if you know what I mean/and the way he whine was just
nephry: beyond comare
nephry: So how could I hyperresonance with another
nephry: when I saw him standing there
thewarden: neph ogm
thewarden: SEVENTEEN
Pandabread: So I said the game got easy again
]Pandabread: Sync in the core and then the repair bot were annoying as crap
Nephry: XDDD
Nephry: Did you do the deactivaton puzzles for the repair bot?
Pandabread:, what
Pandabread: I feel like we've had this conversation before
Pandabread: After the first time I beat it
Nephry: There are four puzzle rooms scattered throughout the highlands. The more puzzles you solve, the fewer artes it can use or something to that effect.
Pandabread: ...Oooooh that's what those were for
Pandabread: I ran into them
Pandabread: After I beat it
Nephry: ...
Nephry: XD

Bitter Pizza and Slimy Pizza

Nice work, Jade.

Nice work.

Daath Library Texts

Finally made it to the Daath Library! Without further ado (save for a cut), here is the text from the various books in the library, starting from the top-right corner and going clockwise. (Alternately, head over here for much of the same information; I merely lack the Japanese version of the text and have organized it the wrong way ‘round.)

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Also, I know it’s 3 am but

does anyone know how to link artes together?

I’ve have played this game several times and I still don’t know how to do that. It’s almost pathetic.

I’m just not sure if you’re supposed to rotate the stick and cast the artes in quick succession or if you’re supposed to set it to the quick commands or w/e.

If it helps, I’m playing as Guy. XD

It isn’t the Insta Marsh and the laggy running, per se

It’s that stupid monster preventing me from getting to that chest. >:(

His name isn’t “Jade” anymore

It’s “Mr. Foreshadowing,” if you please.

I mean, I know what’s going to come up in the marsh, but still.

Goldberg: Re: your hair


Look, I know why people are so apt to hate on mohs but

Ingobert really is a dick

I mean really

It’s one thing for Mohs to tell old Ingy about the switch-up, but you’d think Ingobert would be a better father than that, you know?

He didn’t have to react like that. >:( As dickish a it was for Mohs to call Natalia a false princess, it was Ingober’s choice to try and kill her.

I hope Mieu pees on everything you love, Ingobert* >:[

*except for Natalia because that would defeat the whole purpose of this post

I know I should proceed in Tales of the Abyss but

Dist is actually standing up

And it just

looks so nice

I just wanna stare at the screen forever ;_;

I know I’ll see the scene again in my twelve million other throughways but still

Also, Sun King what are you doing. You are breaking the pace of the medley. >:(

a;jklsjfdklsjfd— what— no—

Okay, so I don’t get to see the library right now. Now is the time to flee to baticul.

*eye twitches*

Hokay I think it’s best if I sleep now before I rig my DS up to some dynamite and blow it up.

See you guys in a bit.



Ok, poofing postponed until I can type up all the jucey info <3

Hhnnnng forgot the Jozette/Frings quests

I’ll do them on the next playthrough when I’m presumably less tired

"I think Ion can access the highest-level secrets in Yulia City"


Anise, my love

my prrrrrrecious

Does this mean

Daath Library???